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Most favorite vintage piece to date?

You realize how hard this is to answer. HOWEVER, it’s got to be either my vintage grey crewneck sweatshirt or my favorite pair of cutoffs. They’re both simple but OH SO GOOD, and I think I’ve gotten more wear out of both of those things than anything in my entire closet. I am a bit of a tomboy what can I say.

What would you rather do go to the movies or a concert? 


What’s your drank of choice? 

Tequila on the rocks

Favorite album? 

Way to hard to answer, changes from time to time, but Some Girls by the Rolling Stones is probably one of my favorite albums of all time. Just my imagination is just too darn good. Runner up because I have to, would be Smokin’ by Humble Pie.

If you like the Rolling Stones who would you say is the most awesome, Keith or Mick?

KEITH. But Mick’s voice kills it.

You are a stylist as well, who do you style and what is everything you do under the Fashion or Famine brand? 

I blog, have the ecommerce store and I am a personal stylist at well, working with personal clients mostly. I love all three so much and they all go hand in hand!

If you had to choose, ketchup or mustard? 

It’s a toss up, they’re both great!

What is a profession that impresses you? 

I admire anyone that strives to help people and cares about the common good.

Favorite activity? 

Man, so many but anything with my family and friends.

What do you love about having an ecommerce store? 

Hands down, absolutely the people I meet, I love connecting with clients/customers and the stylist in me takes it as a mission to lookout and find specific pieces for specific clients I know they will love. It’s my favorite.

Fly by the seat of your pants or plan? 

Fly by the seat of my pants, but there ain’t nothing wrong with a plan.

What do you love about vintage?

Nothing like it, one of a kind, and thrill of the search. I also love taking a trend now and finding it vintage.

You seem to love Harley Davidson gear and have it up in the store, are you into motorcycles? 

Yes, love them. I love to learn about them, especially the mechanics and I love the aesthetic of design that they represent, also I love anything that someone puts there own creativity into. Plus ain’t nothing like a Harley and that American made goodness. I plan on having my own at some point and learning to ride, but not before my 67’ Chevelle.

One last question, is there anything about your blog that you have done the same since you started? 

Yes! Absolutely I am really proud to say that I love the raw aesthetic of a photograph untouched, I’ve never owned any retouching program, and therefore every picture that's ever been posted on my blog has never been touched. Now I just flat out refuse to start.